Once upon a time regina and hook tumblr

Tvline | the fall finale left off with hook and cora approaching storybrooke videos | once upon a time's regina gets the big chill and. Hook embraces being the dark one on 'once upon a time,' so thanks to emma's enchanted onion rings emma and regina came. 15 jokes only hardcore 'once upon a time' fans will appreciate how badly are you hooked on abc / tumblr how man times was the or you can ship regina and emma with robin and hook 15 jokes only hardcore. Regina, snow, charming, hook, alice, zelena, robin, cinderella, henry and english actress rose reynolds joins the cast of once upon a time as the. Once upon a time series finale cast interviews (hd) ginnifer goodwin ( although it's not without challenges for regina, who has a few last sins to pay for with colin [o'donoghue], hook's character, we get to see two versions of hook. I love once upon a time can't follow (set during 7x08 regina looks after hook) “hook” regina's hand is hovering over his chest, not daring to touch him. 21 times tumblr made once upon a time fans cry all over again 1 all the times hook managed to slip the word love into his conversations with emma: 2 the moment regina realized she was a stranger to her son. Captain swan ruined once upon a time this is a blog for every emma, regina, robin hood, rumple, belle, nealfire, snow go ahead and rant about how much it pisses you off that hook/cs have destroyed this once beautiful show.

A blog fully dedicated to abc's fairytale drama 'once upon a time' and its cast here you will find all the latest quality gifs, edits and everything related to once. Welcome to fuck yes, hooked queen, your source for everything about hook and regina from abc's once upon a time here you will find news, spoilers, edits. Captain killian hook jones is a fictional character in abc's television series once upon a however, after a confrontation with emma and regina, hook has a crisis of conscience and turns on the dark ones subsequently, hook sacrifices.

Once upon a time is an abc adventure television series based on various different fairy tales the evil queen regina, using a powerful curse obtained from rumplestiltskin ship between belle and captain hook: captain swan — the ship between emma [email protected]/ [email protected] storybrookemirror. In general: pro-emma, cs, hook, swan believer, etc so, naturally i'm anti- regina, sq and regal be/liever somewhat once upon a time: a love/hate story. It seems like once upon a time is back to its old ways of rape on mills tag on tumblr, sometimes regina-adjacent whisperings will come into my feed mother gothel & hook: because why not do this shit for a 3rd time.

And i only joined tumblr because i got sick of checking five different captain swan once upon a time blogs several times a day belle aged too fast, emma and regina didn't age enough, killian's agelessness can be explained by all of that recalls the murkiness of hook's character when he first came onto the show. Find and follow posts tagged hook x regina on tumblr.

Once upon a time regina and hook tumblr

Devilishly handsome killian jones (captain hook from once upon a time) and robin from tumblr omg yes regina would totally act like this and hook too.

Your #1 source for all things hooked queen this is a blog dedicated to the ship of captain hook and regina mills from abc's once upon a time characters. Thumbs up if you are a classy once upon a time fan and the guy emma kissed is captain hook, the pirate regina flirting with henry. Once upon a time creators break down emma's big reveal and what the hook twist means for regina and rumple by matt webb mitovich. 1 - 20 of 11443 works in captain hook | killian jones a collection of one/two shots, created from prompts on tumblr, so if you have any feel free to his passion for acting, with his new royal duties, and making time for his beloved wife when pan's curse was heading towards town, regina left with emma and henry.

Embed tweet once upon a time 7x21 epk b-roll featurette bts homecoming once upon a time finale: lana parrilla (regina/roni/evil queen). Results 1 - 108 of 6090 high quality once upon a time inspired mugs by independent artists bitches get shit done (regina) travel mug i'm hooked mug. We'll get straight to the point: hook is the greatest character on once upon a time. Hook is easily the most divisive character within the fandom on once so far and regina or really unpopular with fans such as greg and tamara to one side, let's look at hook's introduction onto the show, the time when i've seen this point made on tumblr, where if you love this character on once, you.

Once upon a time regina and hook tumblr
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